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An Empathetic philosophy anchored in caring, trust, dignity, and respect

Although it may seem difficult at times to find balance in your life, it is not impossible to find this balance.  I can help you overcome obstacles that keep you from feeling fully alive – at work, play, or in your relationships with others.

I do things a bit differently.  Understanding not everyone is cut out for the same treatment, I see clients as people– not merely a diagnoses or condition.  I listen carefully to people and respond to them as individuals, not as a diagnosis or part of a daily quota of clients that need to be seen.  I keep my schedule small in order to take the time necessary for effective treatment.

My approach to counseling is collaborative; I believe in open and honest client – therapist communication.  I understand that some clients need medications.  Ideally, medication, prescribed by other providers, is used concurrently with a process that builds general well-being and health.

Treatment is a partnership between the person and the counselor

The therapeutic alliance that develops between counselor and the person is a sacred trust.  Recognizing that it is often difficult to make the decision to seek therapy, I offer a safe, accepting, and welcoming environment where people can begin working to restore a sense of health, joy and freedom to their lives.

I understand that we all have traits, predispositions, and behavior patterns that make each one of us singular.  Proper treatment plan can only be developed after spending enough time with a person.

The Road to recovery

When chosen wisely, mental health therapy can help people alleviate suffering, foster resiliency, and increase the capacity for self-understanding.  I encourage open dialogue, acknowledging each person’s right to fully participate in the therapeutic decisions that will affect their lives.

You will always receive treatment that is:  · Prompt · Caring · Confidential · Unintimidating · Conducted in comfortable, friendly surroundings.


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