Welcome to the home of  Northwest Counseling Center.

Our counselors have a passion for helping people find hope and healing.  We are trained in specialized trauma therapies including EMDR. Because this is a veteran owned company we have a special passion for helping members of the military, veterans, and first responders.

Northwest Counseling Center is working diligently to ensure proper precautions are taken to protect the health of our clients and practitioners. We would like to emphasize the importance of continued work with your therapist. We are offering the use of telehealth services to comply with the suggested social distancing as a preventative measure. In this way the therapeutic relationship is maintained as the nation moves through this time of crisis. Mental health counseling via telehealth can help alleviate some of the distress associated with this and other life related stressors. We still endorse and continue offering in-office visits. However, telehealth is an alternative, evidence-based intervention for mental health counseling.